Kazakhstan is considering creating a Chamber of Private Forensic Experts

This was announced today by the Minister of Justice of Kazakhstan Marat Beketayev at the international applied research conference on developing forensic capacity in Kazakhstan.

Participants of the conference discussed the actions to be taken in order to create a competitive market of forensic services in the country, and the issues of implementing a model of a phased de-monopolization of forensic activities.

The head of the Ministry of Justice noted that the development of the state judicial system requires improvement of many different institutions, including the system of forensic expertise.  In the near future, the plan is to consider creating a chamber of private forensic experts in Kazakhstan, and to study the practical issues in the field of forensics.

The work on improving the institute of forensic expertise in Kazakhstan is planned to be carried out gradually, as part of “Strengthening forensic capacity”, a joint project between KazGUU University and the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan, supported by World Bank.  This project is scheduled to complete in 2018 and involves international experts in education and law, including Key Forensic Services Ltd (KFS), a leading company in the field of forensic services; King’s College London (KCL), a major state research university; QPA Strategies Ltd. (QPA), and Astana Garant Consulting (AGC).

According to Zhanat Eshmagambetov, Deputy Minister of Justice of Kazakhstan, today all the forensic services are provided in one place.

The representative of the Ministry noted in his report: “In 2016 we have completed the process of centralising all forensic functions in one expert body – Ministry of Justice.  Today it provides 29 types of forensic services in 55 specialist categories.  At the moment, we are working towards improving the quality of forensic services to meet international accreditation standards.  This is necessary for forensic reports produced in Kazakhstan to be recognised in foreign courts”..

Currently, there are more than 100 private forensic experts working in Kazakhstan that provide forensic services on the basis of a state licence, which ensures the existence of an alternative to  state institutions in the field of forensic services.  The Ministry is certain that the institute of private forensic experts will create a competitive environment in this field.

“The development of a non-government system of forensic services through establishing a chamber of forensic experts is one of the provisions of the Bill on Forensic Expertise, which is currently pending in the Parliament”, informed Z. Eshmagambetov.

As was noted by M. Beketayev, the analysis of the field of forensics that was conducted by international experts will serve as a basis for a new degree programme at one of the partners of the project – KazGUU University, the leading law school in the country.

As part of the joint project, three studies will be conducted, including “Development and pilot testing of efficiency indicators of forensic activities”, “Modernisation of legislative and institutional bases of forensic expertise”, and “Raising the qualification of forensic expertise personnel”.


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