Challenging Extremesm, sponsored by EdVenture Partners (USA)

Dear students,

We are happy to inform you about a competition for an international programme P2P: Challenging Extremesm, sponsored by EdVenture Partners (USA).  We are creating a team of 10 talented undergraduate and graduate students.

During the Spring semester, the team will have to conduct a campaign against extremism in social networks.  Twenty best teams will compete in the semi-finals.  And the best three teams will have a chance to go to Washington, DC to take part in the finals.  All the travel expenses will be covered by the sponsors.  Those who wish to participate, should follow the link below and answer the questions.  Direct all your questions to Modlir Otegen (room 213,

Deadline: 18 January 2017, 23:00

Link to the application:

ThePeertoPeer: ChallengingExtremism (P2P) competition provides an opportunity for students, while earning credit, to create and activate their own social media campaigns to challenge violent extremist ideology, propaganda and recruitment by creating positive, alternative, or counter narratives. In addition to motivating students to become involved in pushing back against hate and violent extremism, the challenge also builds a community of interested and engaged young people living shared values to counter hate and violent extremism from all over the world.

Program Objectives

To design, pilot, implement, and measure the success of a social or digital initiative, product, or tool that:

  • Motivates or empowers students to become involved in countering violent extremism.
  • Catalyzes other students to create their own initiatives, products, or tools to counter violent extremism.
  • Builds a community of interest/network focused on living shared values that counter violent extremism through action.

Program Budget

Each team will have the equivalency of a $2,000 USD and $400 Facebook Ad Credit budget for the challenge.

  • Quality check and approval of your creative brief and creative samples is required before funds are distributed.
  • Funds may be used for:
  • Supporting your team’s research
  • Creative and media concept development and implementation
  • Production and/or rental of promotional elements in support of project activation
  • Other resource needs
  • Budget funds should not be used to print copies of the final submission for the entire team.

EVP Faculty Guide F16 – Facebook P2P Challenging Extremism

P2P Professor Overview

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