KAZGUU University

provides all necessary conditions for successful implementation of educational and professional activities.

One of the absolute criteria of university achievements available today in the domestic space and at the international level

is the availability of modern infrastructure and comfortable environment for university students and faculty to study, work and rest.

4 thous. sq. m.

Total floor space of students’ halls of residence

5 minutes

The time it takes to get from the halls of residence to the university


мебилированных комнат


In men’s and women’s blocks

Rooms in the dormitory, in the first place, are given to the students from socially vulnerable groups of society, orphans left without parental care.

In the next place, the students who came from other cities can live in the dormitory. This accommodation has all necessary facilities for living and studying. There are kitchen, bathroom, shower and laundry. Each room has all the necessary furniture: beds, tables and chairs.
Ең алдымен баспанамен қоғамның әлеуметтік қауқарсыз топтарының студенттері, ата-анасының қамқорлығынсыз қалған жетім студенттер қамтамасыз етіледі.

The constant work is carried out to improve living conditions there, as well as crime prevention.

The building is equipped with a modern video surveillance system; automatic fire alarm is installed in all living rooms and common areas.

Much attention is paid to ensuring a high level of safety of students’ lives.

So, to preserve law and order in the dormitory round-the-clock security service operates. There is access control at the entrance.


They hold an annual competition for the best student’s room, and regularly organize cultural events.

There operates the student council, which is overseen by an accommodation manager.

Information stands are provided.

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