To be healthy – it’s cool!
Healthy student

Health is a great value of people, which, unfortunately, person does not pay enough attention. However, according to official data of centers for health, education, physical education, research of scientists, doctors and teachers, students are one of the most important groups of our population, there is one million of students in Kazakhstan. Students can be considered as a separate population group, which has its differences in lifestyle.

The purpose of Center for Health is to explore relationship between work of health and work performance of students. Our task is to study student health from the perspective of professionalism: to study general laws of development of students work performance, psycho-emotional state of students by means of physical education.

The first KazGUU University medical center was opened in 2008 in Astana. It helps teachers and students of KazGUU University.

News of the Center for Health

KazGUU University «Health Day»

September, 23 KazGUU University held “Health Day” «AD-norm” and wanted to check blood pressure of employees in their normal working day and remind them about healthcare towards their health. As a result:

90 people have their normal blood pressure;

7 people Low blood pressure;

3 people High blood pressure.