Advanced training in Istanbul State University and signing of a memorandum of cooperation

1-10 May, 2016 researchers of the specialty Law underwent an advanced training course on topic “Introduction to the Turkish legislation” at Istanbul State University (Istanbul, Turkey). The event was organized with the support of the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (Türk İşbirliği ve Koordinasyon Ajansı Başkanlığı).

The participants attended lectures by outstanding jurists, lawyers of Istanbul University, such as: Professor Abdurrahman Savash (“General view on the Roman law, Turkish law and Islamic law”), Professor Ibrahim Kaya (Turkey and International Law), Professor Mehmet Made (Turkish Criminal Law), Professor Bilgihan Çetin (“Turkish Civil Law”), Professor Aydin Gulan (“Turkish legal language and culture”), Professor Halit Uyanlyk (Introduction to Turkish Administrative Law), Professor Faruk Kerem Gunay (“Enforcement of judgments in Kazakhstan and its understanding in Turkey”), Professor Abdurahman Eren (“Turkish Constitutional Law”), professor Sabahattin Nal (“History, methodology and subject of general public law in Turkey”), Fethi Gedikli (“The Ottoman Law”), Professor Abdullah Islamoglu (“Legal education in Turkey”).

After the course, a memorandum of cooperation between KAZGUU University and Istanbul State University was signed. The dean of the Law Faculty of Istanbul State University, Professor Fethi Gedikli presented to participants certificates of completion of courses in a solemn ceremony.  

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