KAZGUU introduces a new level of business dealing in Kazakhstan

Dinara Arkharova

Meet another hero of our column -Daniyar Akhtaev, a successful entrepreneur, author of the original project to saturate the capital market with environmentally sound products, the head of Saryarka Association of Entrepreneurs of Astana city, the Director General of LLP ADS Holding, and finally, currently MBA student of Business school of KAZGUU. In an interview Daniyar Seythanovich shared his valuable business experience.

– Daniyar Seythanovich, how did you start your career?

– I can say that, probably like most of us, I began to work when I was a student at the state university. So it turned out that the day time I fully devote to studies and in the evening I was moonlighting as a security guard in a private company. After graduation I went to work on a specialty as a financial manager and started my career as a financier. At present I am the founder of the group of companies. The scope of activities of the holding is agriculture, floriculture, livestock, retail and construction.

– Why did you decide to enroll in Business School?

– As a chairman of the Saryarka Association of Entrepreneurs of Astana city, I can say with confidence that I often faced with stagnation in business due to lack of necessary guidelines and new knowledge, which at first seem to be a waste of time and resources.

To raise the level of professional competence has become a necessity for me, and one of the main aspects for successful continuation of business activities. The aim was to study the trends of modern business development. And I want to personally share my experience concerning the MBA program at KAZGUU University. The most important advantage of this program is getting two diplomas, one Swiss University UBIS, which with its quality education and reputable graduates had already managed to gain prestige in Europe. Classes are very active; some teachers are from Switzerland, who just hit their enthusiasm in the transfer of new knowledge.

– How does the knowledge acquired during the training in Business School contribute today in the promotion of your business projects?

– During training I perfect skills and simultaneously try to implement this knowledge in my companies in practice. In addition to the high level of knowledge, there are very reasonable prices, available discounts and flexible payment system. All that is needed is the charge of the motivation and desire in practice to prove the quality of the existing manager.

Teachers with great enthusiasm transmit the knowledge gained over the years. They perceive their work through their students. And among them there are people who constantly inspire us to learn. One of them is Zhamal Madakhmetovna that throughout her life never ceases to learn and to learn something new. I think that the choice was not wrong, because after talking with her I finally decided to study in the MBA program.

– Tell us to what extent is your project, in particular, to open Ecomarket network now in demand in the domestic market?

–Today Kazakhstani people’s diet consists of a sufficiently large number of food products, which include not entirely useful, if not even harmful components to health. The main objective was the creation of the company that implements environmentally friendly products (without GM). I can say that our products are in great demand among the population and have a permanent contingent of buyers.

– What are your professional plans for the future?

Development of existing business projects in the national scale, and access to the international level. Today, many businessmen, having reached a certain financial status, can get into the danger zone, where the development of intellectuality suited to the zero mark. But not many people know that, only by laying a solid foundation of knowledge you can reach those heights of which do not even dreamed of. The trend in developing countries indicates that it needs a different approach to business, to compete with Western giants and conquer new markets, opening up further opportunities for improvement.

And I can say with confidence that all students, including ten members of Saryarka Association will agree with my opinion about the MBA program of KAZGUU University.  

I try as much as possible to motivate entrepreneurs with the idea of getting a master’s degree in business administration, since only quality education creates great minds that build competitive business in our country. And I would like to personally thank the entire staff of the MBA program of KAZGUU University, including fine teachers, who are trying to raise the overall level of business in Kazakhstan to a higher level.

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