Charity campaign “Do Good with KAZGUU”

To celebrate KAZGUU University’s First President’s birthday and an anniversary of the establishment of KAZGUU Endowment Corporate Fund, the staff and students of the university will take part in a new charity campaign titled “Do Good with KAZGUU”.

All those who wish to take part, can contribute food, clothes or books to economically challenged families before 1 March.  The list of families will be provided by Dinara, the PR manager in charge of the campaign, room 601.  Participants must take a photo or shoot a short video on a given subject and post it on social media with the hashtag #ТвориДобросКАЗГЮУ

The most active and involved participants will be awarded certificates, prizes, and presents on 30 March 2017.

We call on everyone to share their kindness with those who need it, together with KAZGUU!

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