The first TEDxKAZGUU conference

On 18 December 2016, KAZGUU University hosted the first TEDxKAZGUU
conference, where 6 Kazakhstani and 2 international speakers shared
ideas worth spreading.

The conference was held in the TED format, which was created in 1984
in the USA and now unites people around the world who are looking for
new ideas and inspiration.

The topic of this year’s TEDxKAZGUU was “Look inside yourself”.
Presentations on this topic were delivered by such speakers as Shirin
Iranbekovna, business trainer on conflict management and mediation;
Idris Chakmak, an expert in comparative literature studies; Zhanel
Bolatovna, an English teacher from NIS; Alkey Margulanuly, an expert
in international relations and an online publisher; Sayasat Nurbek,
the managing director of AIFC; and the University’s pride Zhalgas

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