A representative of KAZGUU is included in the Working Group on redistribution of powers in Kazakhstan

The Director of the KAZGUU Institute for Civil Law Research, Professor Tolesh Erdenovich Kaudyrov, DLS, has taken part in a meeting of the Working Group on redistribution of power among the branches of government.  The meeting took place yesterday in Akorda and was chaired by the President of Kazakhstan, N. Nazarbayev.

During the meeting, the Head of State noted that the issue of redistribution of power among the branches of government is a next logical step in the development of the Republic.

According to Tolesh Kaudyrov, a member of the Working Group, the most important in this redistribution is, for each branch of government, to leave all the consistent powers intact, but remove the contradictory ones.  He believes that this can be achieved in two ways: correcting the existing legislature and amending the constitution.  Doubtless, these will be significant amendments.  Such Presidential functions as maintaining the unity of the branches, securing independence, and other functions related to these, must remain with the President.  Everyday work related to organisational activities will be assigned to the Government, the Parliament, and local executive power.

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