Greetings from KAZGUU students at RALN (Moscow)

Second-year KAZGUU students of Law Enforcement Syrym Beysembekov and Altyn Zeynulla send their greetings to KAZGUU and talk about their impressions of studying at the Russian Academy of Lawyers and Notaries (Moscow) under the academic mobility programme.

Syrym Beysembekov:

“I am a second-year Law Enforcement student.  At the moment, I am studying at RALN under the academic mobility programme in Moscow.

First, I would like to express my gratitude to the management team of the Higher School of Law, B. Askarova and other members of the International Department for this opportunity.

Similarity of the two countries’ legislatures, a leading position of the Russian Federation in almost all sectors in the Eurasian continent, and a genuine interest in the Russian culture defined my choice.

The university campus is located near the capital’s main landmarks.  The linear system of education is exceptional.  Highly qualified teaching staff, opportunities to participate in research conferences organised by the university itself and the capital’s other universities, and opportunities to attend elective courses to develop professional skills – all of these reassured me that I had made the right choice.  I especially liked the fact that the teachers devote a lot of attention to the practical aspects, thus, reinforcing the theoretical knowledge acquired in class.

What are the benefits of taking part in this programme?  First, this is a great chance to fulfil myself as a person.  Being here, thousands of kilometres away from home, you realise what you are really worth.  Second, you meet a lot of people, which develops your communication skills.  Third, you acquire experience that will sooner or later have an effect on your personal development.  And fourth, you will have an advantage in employment.

I encourage all the students of our university to take part in this programme!”

Altyn Zeynulla:

“The RALN academy is famous for their highly qualified teachers who are great at their job and present the material in a way that is accessible to the students.  I am also fortunate with my classmates who are fun and outgoing guys, and I have never been bored.

In general, I like it here very much.  In the beginning, it was hard and I was homesick and missed KAZGUU, but now I don’t regret coming here, as I think this is a great experience that will help me in the near future.”

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