The issues of constitutional development of Kazakhstan have been discussed at KAZGUU University

The applied research conference “Constitution and modernisation of the society and the state” is taking place at KAZGUU, who is one of the organisers of this international event.

The participants of the conference were greeted by the rector Talgat Narikbayev. He congratulated everyone on the 22th anniversary of the Constitution, and wished them a productive discussion of the relevant issues of enforcing the main law of the country.

The event was attended by Igor Rogov, the Chairman of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Sergey Udartsev, the director of the KAZGUU Research Institute for Legal Policy and Constitutional Legislature, and a former judge of the Constitutional Court, talked about the development of Kazakhstan as a strong and well-established state of law, as well as the factors of the successful and sustainable development of society.

He emphasised that, in order to implement the constitutional reforms, it will be necessary to do a lot of work, which is only starting now in Kazakhstan. He proposed to use the conference to conduct a multifaceted discussion of the modern issues of the constitutional development.

The relevant issues of the development of Kazakhstani and international constitutional norms were discussed by the specialists in Kazakhstani legislature, as well as foreign guests of the conference, including Salikhiden Sabikenov, member of the RK National Academy of Sciences and a former member of the Constitutional Council; Dr. Bill Meiser, DJS, head of the EU project “Strengthening the criminal justice system in Kazakhstan”; Zhanetta Kalisheva, head of the Department of State Law Disciplines at KAZGUU.

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