How does GE Internship go for KAZGUU students?

Assel Murat with Deborah Sherry, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer GE Digital, Europe

I applied for GE internship in the April, 2017 and received an invitation for interview. I chose GE because it’s a great opportunity to get work experience while still being a student, it’s a paid internship and it offers flexible working hours.  Interviewing process includes three steps: a screening interview from talent acquisition team in Moscow, interview with a Human Resources representative and meeting with a manager of the business you are applying for. After successful interview, I received a job offer for a paid internship for eight months.   My duties included to represent innovational GE technologies at EXPO-2017 and to help GE legal department.

Internship was useful for me as an individual. My internship at GE taught me many things. One of the main principles here is meritocracy meaning that employees are rewarded entirely based on their ability and talent.  I gained new knowledge about future energy projects from different international pavilions and efficient digital solutions for energy industry provided by GE too. Being at the GE booth at the American Pavilion at the EXPO 2017 taught me how to promote creative ideas, represent a big multinational company and interact with visitors. Moreover, it was interesting for me to meet different people from all around the world, because I could learn something new from them. For example, my English level improved dramatically by being around English speakers which is very important for me in my future career as a lawyer.

When it comes to the internship at GE office, everyone at GE will be ready to help out. If I don’t know something, I can ask for help. That’s how I have been finding answers for my questions. For instance, I have never dealt with commercial contracts between companies, but at GE I learnt how to do that following all necessary policies and procedures. I learnt the basics of business writing, business etiquette and learnt a ton about legal issues. It was such a great experience for me, because I dealt with a delivery of confidential documents, organized business meetings, filled necessary documents out and went through the formal procedures at notary. I was also a part of the project on providing legal and compliance updates to the employees of the company.

To conclude, GE internship is a good opportunity for every student to develop as a future specialist and as an individual. Things like meeting interesting people who you can make friendship with and learning from them, discovering new opportunities, building professional connections, getting work skills, knowledge and experience, organizing business events, making effective phone calls, working on interesting projects, learning on how to be creative and make me motivated to achieve my dreams and professional goals. All mentioned things made me feel a part of something important. I enjoyed my internship and I firmly believe that I will know a lot of things after my internship ends.

Assel Murat with Deborah Sherry, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer GE Digital, Europe

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