Dictation in Kazakh – an effective way of the language promotion. Come and join us!

At am 11.00 on September 2018 the Department of Kazakhstan and Russian with a support of People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan will be holding the “Astana – World’s cradle, Kazakhstan open dictation.
This year Astana celebrates it’s 20th jubilee and our main goal is to develop national consciousness and widen spheres of usage the State language.
Capital’s inhabitants as well as M. Narikbayev KAZGUU university’s teaching staff, employees and students can take part in the Dictation.
Results will be published in 3 days after the Dictation held different prizes are awaiting its winners.
The Dictation will be held from am. 11.00 until am. 12.00 on September 20 2018 at the M. Narikbayev KAZGUU university, rooms 402, 403 (8 Korgalzhyn Ave, Astana city)

Additional information is available at: 8-7172-703030 or 8-775-375-83-46 or
E-mail: m_kaiypbaeyeva@kazguu.kz.

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