КAZGUU for Digital Kazakhstan

In September 2017, during the Republican meeting on digitalization issues, N. Nazarbayev presented the “Digital Kazakhstan” program. The President highlighted the importance of training highly qualified personnel, which is associated with the need to revise the policy in the field of education. M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University is the first Kazakh university that introduced a new Canvas technology platform to its educational process.

Flexible, secure, scalable, adaptable to needs of users, the system is designed to manage educational activities, develop and distribute online materials.

“KAZGUU withdrew from paperwork. Students and teachers no longer need to deal with hard copies or books, all teaching materials can be downloaded to the system. Canvas simplifies and structures a lecturer’s work. For example, there are functions of speed grading, which allows you to set criteria according to estimates and will recommend this or that grade to a student. That is, the principles of artificial intelligence are involved in this function, ”the press service of the university reports. Currently, Canvas is used by more than 3,000 universities, educational institutions and millions of people around the world, including leading universities like Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, Berkeley, Brown, Columbia Business School, Chicago Booth and others. “After another trip of Mr. Narikbayev to a foreign university, in order to exchange experience, we got acquainted with a system that allows to immerse a student and a teacher in an online educational environment, calls LMS Canvas. This platform is a product of American developers and the company has about 4,000 partners worldwide. After a long study and analysis, we came to the conclusion that this platform has a number of competitive advantages and that it satisfies needs of a modern university, which aims to provide high-quality and modern education, ”said Sarman Tuleubaev, head of the Distance Learning Department. The new system has also a mobile application that allows users to download a task directly from the phone. Most importantly, it is possible to create a virtual online environment. Students can share knowledge and information within the platform.

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