The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary became the “Honorary Doctor” of Kazakh university

On October 10, a Solemn ceremony was held to award the title of “Honorary Doctor of KAZGUU” to Mr. Peter Siarto, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary.
Before the Ceremony Mr. Siarto has visited the M. Narikbayev library and gave a lecture to the KAZGUU teaching staff and students.
Current Kazakh-Hungarian relationship are mutual and satisfyingly develops, and during the visit both sides expressed mutual gratitude and assurance of respect.
In 2014, during Mr. Talgat M. Narikbayev visit to Budapest the KAZGUU and the Korvinus University have signed a Memorandum of understanding and keep close partnership in the field of bilateral exchange.
At the end of the visit Mr. Talgat M. Narikbayev awarded Mr. Peter Siarto with the Honorary title, which is usually granted to most foreign government and political figure’s and diplomats.

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