2019 year would give opportunities for new big start-ups.

Ulan Kemalkhan, a representative of proactive student society recently became a member of Juridical clinic. Being a bachelor student of a law university Kemalkhan thinks that the Year of Youth could give opportunities for new big start-ups, says Kazinform, an IIA

Ulan studies at the M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University as a second year student and already is a head of the Greeters students organization, etc.

In his Annual Message, “Growth of Kazakhstan’s welfare: raising incomes and quality of life” the Head of State declared year of 2019 as a Year of Youth. The current youth from the very childhood begins to understand technologies but having a lot of new ideas they can not realize it, due to lack of funds and opportunities. One of the main tasks of the President is a creation of a Fund to support youth startups. Each of us must find ourselves in this life, find our craft and make image of our country better, ”the future lawyer said.
Recently Ulan actively participated in the “Popular Lawyer” Republican event which was aimed on providing free legal advice to population. Ulan added that in his future he wants to use received knowledge raising level of people’s literacy, access to justice especially to citizens with low income.

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