From student to lieutenant

Military departments exist in almost every major university in Astana city. This form of training allows students to get lieutenant shoulder straps and necessary knowledge without going to army. Colonel Amangeldy IBRAEV, the head of Military department of KAZGUU University, told how students are trained by trained soldiers within the walls of alma mater.

– How long has the Military department been based at KAZGUU University and how many students are enrolled in it?
– It was formed 21 years ago, while the university was still in Almaty. Last year, we celebrated a jubilee, and over the years more than 8,000 people had military training under the program of officers and sergeants of reserve.

Although our work is still more focused on training reserve officers as a mobilization reserve, a certain number of graduates continue military service under the contract. Among them Azamat Zhumadilov, a holder of the “Khalyk Kakharmany” (national hero) title. Training is carried out for two years, and at the moment, 350 people “serve” from among the first and second year students on the basis of the University. In addition, not only students of our University receive Military trainings. On a basis of signed memorandum of understanding students from Nazarbayev University and Kazakh University of Technology and Business also come to our Military department.

About 10 percent of students continue to serve in the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan. Since the university is the Law institution, students serve in police, military prosecutor’s office, and other military structures.
During two years, future lieutenants study a theoretical part, which ends with a practical part – monthly military gathering on a territory of one of the military units. There, cadets practice shooting skills, drive special equipment, practice combat skills. And after all take a military oath.

A student who wants to study at the Military department must go through four stages of selection. The first is a medical commission, if a cadet is fit for service for health reasons, then he goes to the next round. The second stage is psychological testing, which is conducted in special computer classes under the program of the Ministry of Defense. The third stage – physical condition testing, it includes running at 100 and 3000 meters and pulling up by the number of times. The last stage – students stidy progress. For all the tests student receives points, and first best 90 people get to the “service” under the grant.

From last year, women can now also get a shoulder strap. At the end of this academic year, 27 female lieutenants will receive military ranks. According to Amangeldy Ibraev, girls more distinguished, self-controled, in terms of discipline and diligence can give better than male fellow students. And even show commander skills.
For example, group A-24 is commanded by Zhanerke Kumshayeva, the frail-looking female student. According to her, sheis very much interested at further service in the ranks of the Ministry of Defense.

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