Students learned about the war in Afghanistan from first hands

In the metropolitan M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan the “Otan Úshіn – ot keshkender!” thematic evening was held.

Purpose of the Event is a formation of students’s citizenship, patriotism and active life position, preservation of memorable traditions, propaganda of heroism of the soldiers of Kazakhstan, an example of courage of veterans for young generation.

“Any war brings tears, wounds, pain, bitterness of loss, destruction and death. During these nine years, over 22 thousand soldiers and officers from Kazakhstan took part in the war operations. Not all have returned back – 924 people died under man-made collapses and bullets of the Mujahideen. Destiny of another 21 people is still not known – they are missing. War brings up. You, students, hold guns in peacetime studying at the Military Department. You study the War by textbooks. Every man should be able to use weapons and at any time to defend his homeland!” said Nuraly Aubakirov, warrior-internationalist, a holder of the Order of the Red Star, performed international duty in Afghanistan from 1981 to 1983. An internationalist warrior – retired colonel Dangulov Kazkay told the guys about his service in the People’s Republic of Mozambique, where he have trained reconnaissance units commanders.

Kuanysh Uzbekov, KAZGUU student made people cry out by reading “The Ballad of Mother”, a poem about motherly love. After all, everyone in the hall understood that a mother, who couldn’t get her son back still believes and hopes that her son is somewhere, very far, but alive and will definitely return home.

В завершение рассказа студенты КАЗГЮУ смогли задать вопросы. Ребята спрашивали о подробностях боевых операций, судьбе сослуживцев, интересовались, почему они выбрали карьеру военного.

At the end of the story, KAZGUU students were able to ask questions, they asked about details of military operations, destiny of their colleagues, wondered why they chose a military career.

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