M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University hosts under Erasmus + Mobility for Teaching Prof. Dr. Hab. Janusz Słodczyk from the University of Opole, Poland. The Professor’s lectures will be held at the Higher School of Economics from April 30th to May 3rd.

Prof. Dr. Hab. Janusz Słodczyk lectures since 2012, has served as the Vice- Rector of the University of Opole responsible for research, finance and international relationships. Previously, for many years he was the Dean of the Faculty of Economics.

Prof. Dr. Hab. Janusz Słodczyk is currently the Head of the Department of Economic Geography and Spatial Management at the University of Opole, Poland. He specializes in the issues of urban development and planning. His most important works include monographs “Przestrzeń miasta i jej przeobrażenia”, /Space Cities and its Transformation/, 2000 and “Historia planowania i budowy miast” /History of the Planning and Construction of Cities/, 2012. The Latter monograph received the main prize at the Academic Book Fair in Cracow in 2013. Professor J. Słodczyk is the initiator and organizer of cyclical conferences “City of the 21st Century”, which every two years gather a large group of scientists-geographers, urban planners and economists and focus on the problems of cities. He is also the founder and chief editor of the journal Studia Miejskie [Urban Studies] as well as the co-founder and editor of the journal Economic and Environmental Studies. Professor J. Słodczyk is a member of the National Spatial Planning Committee, Polish Academy of Sciences.

He lectures on the economic geography, urban geography and the history of urban planning.

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