Summer tourist excursions for students

The Department of Student Affairs, together with the Center for History of Kazakhstan and Ruhani Zangyru announces registration for Summer tourist excursions in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Western European countries for students, teachers and employees of KAZGUU and other Kazakhstan universities.

Participation in mentioned trips for freshmen would be count as a field trip.

We invite you to take part in annual trips to important historical sites of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Western Europe. Trips are made for students, teachers and staff of KAZGUU and other Kazakhstan universities and will last from May 26 to June 6 of 2019.

Registration is available before May 18, 2019 on the following link.

Travel itinerary:

1. South Tour (South Kazakhstan):
Visits to Ahmed Yassaui, Karakhan, Aisha-Bibi, Babadjanyan Hatun, Tekturmas and Arystanbab mausoleums; Kerey and Janibek khans’ monument, Flower greenhouse, Mashat Valley, Crying Cave, 550 years of Kazakh khanate Park, Arboretum, Kiely tas, Ordabasy and Mausoleum.
Cost 40 000 tenge.

2. Beket Ata Tour (West Kazakhstan):
Visits to architectural monument h Beket ata Mosque, Karagie Trench, Caspian sea coast and many other sites of Mangistau.
Cost 55 000 tenge.

3. Magic East Tour (Uzbekistan):

We invite you to visit Uzbekistan at the most favorable time of year for tourism. The country will bloom in front of you with all the colors of sunny spring. Visits to the Hast-i-Imam Square, Amir Timur Square, Tole Bi Mausoleum, Guri-Emir Mausoleum, Bibi-Khanum Mosque and Ulugbek Madrasah, Registan Square and many other grate sites will amaze you.
Cost 70 000 tenge. A group of minimum 3 people.

4. Euro Tour (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France):

Visits to Frankfurt am main, Dusseldorf, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, the most important political and economical centers of Europe. Also European Parliament, European Court of Human rights, Eiffel tower, Mercedes Benz factory, etc. Europe is waiting for you.
Cost 1800 Euro. A group of minimum 7 people.

Organizers reserv the right to change some conditions.

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