Educational program “Applied linguistics”

M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University announces “Applied linguistics” a new, very unique and not known in Kazakhstan Educational program.

The Program’s length is 4 years. Entering requirements are: Длительность программы: 4 года
Вступительные требования: UNT – English, World history
Language requirements:
IELTS – 5.0 (or TOEFL IBT) or
KAZGUU English Placement Test (KEPT) -60

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Career opportunities for the Program’s graduates:
• secondary and higher education institutions;
• research and analytical centers;
• language centers;
• translation bureau;
• publishing houses;
• information and advertising agencies;
• governmental and non-governmental organizations;
• tourist agencies;
• embassiesn and foreign missions;
• international companies.

Additional specializations:
• Minor in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
• Minor in Media and Business Communication
• Minor in Translation Studies

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