New GES logo

Dear friends, General Education School (GES) always keeps up-to-date and constantlyimproves its academic programs; to keep up with modern trends we have also decided to upgrade GES logo!

On May 20, 2019General Education School (GES) announced the contest to create an updated logo taking into account the School mission and vision.

We received dozens of wonderful and creative samples, among which GES chose one that fully reflectsthe School vision.

The author of this logo is Aslanbek Bedelkhanov (@bedelkhanov), a student of our university! Thank you for your active participation and we look forward to our further cooperation!

The description of General Education School logo:

– faculty of General Education School at M.Narikbayev KAZGUU University focus on providing students with high quality education bypromoting student-centered learning, therefore a student is located in the centre of our logo.

– three vector lines in our logo represent three languages ​​(Kazakh, Russian and English) since educating a multilingual personality is one of the focus areasin the first year of study at M.NarikbayevKAZGUU University.

– the modern development of Kazakhstan and its place in the world socio-cultural and political arena requires from the university system to educate not only a highly competitive specialist, but also an individual with a stable worldview based on universal human values.Along with the above-mentioned values General Education School (GES) develops academic learning skills which assist our students to study effectively in Higher Schools. In our logo, the book symbolizes the determined goals and objectives as well as the desire of a student to acquire new knowledge and skills that will help him throughout the entire education process at our University.

We are happy to present you the logo of General Education School (GES)!

*theformerlogodoesnotloseitsforceandmaybeused by General Education School as it is gradually withdrawn from use of previously approved documents.

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