Summer language courses in English

English Language Department at M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University is happy to announce that the registration for summer language courses is now open!

This summer we are offering you a range of courses:

· Pre-IELTS – an intensive 5-week course to boost your level of English incorporated with General English;

· IELTS – an intensive 4-week IELTS preparation course;

· KEPT – an intensive 3-week preparation course for KAZGUU English Placement Test;

Price: 50400 tenge for 72 hours (1 hour/700 tenge)

Start: 29 July

We are also offering an intensive 4-week course to prepare for TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills).

TOLES is the world’s leading provider of English exams for international lawyers and law students. M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University is the only TOLES Authorized Registration Centre in Central Asia.

Price: 48000 tenge for 48 hours

You can register via

For more details, please, contact Dinara Dauletbayeva 87756556573.

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