KAZGUU held a lecture on «The Mughal Empire and its Kazakh Connections»

Today, September 13, 2019 Department of Liberal Studies has organized an open lecture with the guest speaker Sufyan bin Uzayr on topic “The Mughal Empire and its Kazakh Connections”. Sufyan bin Uzayr is an educator, entrepreneur, web-developer, author of numerous books and publications, and the director of Parakozm Ltd.

In this lecture Sufyan bin Uzayr analyzed historical connections of Indian region with Kazakh khanate during the Middle Ages. The formation of the Great Moghul Empire and expansion of Babur and his descendants into Indian territories have had significant effect on culture, religion, architecture and society of the region. Being the descendant of Timurid dynasty, Babur retained key Central Asian characteristics during his brief tenure as Emperor of India and wrote his observations in Baburnama. The lecture talked about major political as well as socio-cultural aspects up until the fall of the Mughal Empire.

The lecture was an important educational experience for the first-year linguistics major students as well as for the department faculty members since it has presented a new perspective on history. After the lecture, the audience was able to discuss their questions during the Q&A session.

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