KAZGUU Student Initiation Ceremony 2019

On November 13, one of the University’s most dramatic and memorable events took place at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation – KAZGUU Student Initiation Ceremony. This good tradition is now 23 years old – it was first held in 1996.

As part of the Initiation Ceremony, a traditional competition has been held between the students of KAZGUU Law School and the Higher School of Economics. Out of competition, KAZGUU School of Liberal Arts (the former School of General Education) has successfully made its debut. Next year, the KAZGUU School of Liberal Arts will fully participate along with the Higher School of Economics and KAZGUU Law School.

Preparation for this event brings together all the KAZGUU students since already experienced senior students also do their part and help freshmen in every way. KAZGUU students develop scenarios, prepare the dances, as well as serious and significant projects, manifesting themselves as socially active citizens of our country. ‘Everyone is important’ is the topic of the Initiation Ceremony 2019. Ecology, people, animals are only a small part of the problems that were raised by the initiated students.

This year, the initiated students of the Higher School of Economics have become the winners of the Ceremony.

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