Program “Be-A-Star” – 2020!

AIFC Bureau invites students of 3rd-4th year of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan to take part in the program “Be-A-Star”-2020!

What is “Be-A-Star”?

It is a three-month paid internship program in leading Kazakhstan and international organizations, including those registered with AIFC, which provides students from Kazakhstan and neighboring countries with the opportunities for professional development.

Who can participate?

The “Be-A-Star” program is open to students of 3rd-4th year from both russian and english departments who are eager to learn new things and gain valuable knowledge.

The program consists of 5 steps:

Stage I: Submitting an online application at 1 November – 15 December
Stage II: Competence testing and writing of a motivation letter- January 10 – February 1
Stage III: Writing an essay on a given topic – 3 February – 29 February
Stage IV: Participation in the “Be-A-Star” camp in Nur Sultan – 30 March – 4 April
Stage V: Internship – 1 June – 31 August

Duration of the program: 6 months selection tour + 3 months of internship in AIFC

In 2019, around 400 applications were collected from more than 50 higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan and near and far abroad. As a result of the first three selection stages, 50 people participated in the “Be-A-Star” camp. Opportunity was given to the 30 finalists to complete an internship in various AIFC companies and after the internship, 6 interns were employed into AIFC member bodies and companies.

If you want to learn a new skills and achieve professional and personal growth, we are waiting your participation on the “Be-A-Star” -2020 program!

Deadline: December 15, 2019
Apply for “Be-A-Star”-2020 program and become part of the AIFC professional’s community!

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