Business game ‘Mazhilis Model’ at KAZGUU

A business game ‘Mazhilis Model’ in ‘Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan’ has been held with students on March 5 and 6, 2020. The purpose of the business game is to pass a bill ‘On the Protection of Animals’ for consideration to Parliament. Each group of students, having received the task and instructions, prepared for it within two weeks. The concept of the draft law ‘On the Protection of Animals’ was prepared. As part of the rationale for the development of this draft Law, students studied law enforcement practice and comparative law to familiarize themselves with the best international practices, and analyzed the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Mass Media participated during the consideration of the bill in both chambers of the Parliament. To discuss the bill, NGOs were invited – civil society institutions – the Association and the Society for the Protection of Animals. Within the framework of the business game, each team prepared conclusions and clarifications of their position at the Parliament meeting. During such classes, the ability to freely and logically express and justify one’s stance, competently assess legally significant circumstances and correctly use and apply the regulations of constitutional law are tested.

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