A Competition to Fill the Vacancies

Under the Regulation on the teaching staff of the M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University, JSC ‘M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University’ announces a competition to fill the vacancy.
The Higher School of Economics calls for teachers (senior lecturer, professor, associate professor) in the following areas:

• Finance
• Economics
• Accounting
• Marketing
• Human Resource Management
• Psychology
• Organizational Psychology
• Corporate Governance
• Corporate and Business Law
• Business Ethics

Candidate specification:

• MSc, MBA, Ph.D., DBA degrees of internationally recognized universities;
• More than 3 years of work experience;
• Professional certificates (if any);
• Teaching experience is an advantage, but is not required;
• Preference will be given to academically and professionally qualified candidates.

KAZGUU Law School calls for lecturers (Assistant professor) in the following areas:
• International Law
• Private Law

Candidate specification:
• Ph.D. / Doctor of Law or similar in the field of law / International Law / International Commercial Law / Private Law degrees are mandatory. The degree of a recognized foreign university is an advantage.
• Work experience of at least 3 years (taking into account the teaching of international legal subjects, scientific or practical activities in this field)
• The presence of publications in peer-reviewed journals on international law and /or research in a comparative legal context
• Language skills: Fluent English, perfect command of the Russian language. Knowledge of the Kazakh language, as well as a second foreign language, would be an asset.

KAZGUU School of Liberal Arts calls for lecturers (Assistant professor) in the following areas:

• Linguistics (Kazakh language teacher, Russian language teacher, English teacher)
• Modern history of Kazakhstan
• Philosophy and identity in the modern world
• Global Perspectives and Identity

Candidate specification:

• Master’s and /or Ph.D. degree (preferably a foreign university) in the relevant field;
• Certificates confirming knowledge of the language (KAZTEST level C1, IELTS from 6.5 and above and at least 7.0 for English teachers);
• The TKT / CELTA / TEFL / TESOL / DELTA certificates would be an asset
• Fluency in the state language;
• More than 3 years of work experience;
• Career development courses, foreign internships would be an asset;
• Publications in recognized peer-reviewed international journals are desirable

The Competition Commission consists of two stages:

Stage I. The School Committee on the selection of teaching staff selects candidates from June 1, 2020, to June 5, 2020, conducts preliminary Skype interviews.

Stage II. The Academic and Research Council approves candidates supplied by School Committees from June 8, 2020, to June 12, 2020.

To participate in the competition, you should submit the following documents:
1) an application addressed to the Head;
2) a personal data sheet;
3) autobiography;
4) identity document;
5) copies of higher education diplomas, academic and scientific degrees, document on academic degree and the original for verification;
6) copies of certificates of professional development and advanced courses (if any) and the original for verification;
7) a list of scientific works and inventions (if any);
8) medical certificate form No. 086.
9) a certificate of the presence or absence of information on criminal offense records issued by the Committee of Legal Statistics and Special Records of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Requirements for all candidates to fill the vacancy: knowledge of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan: ‘On Education’, ‘On Science’, ‘On Combating Corruption’, ‘On Languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan’ and other regulatory legal acts regulating functioning issues and the development of higher education; theory and methods of managing educational systems; the procedure for compiling curricula; organization of methodological, scientific, research work; state educational standards; current status in the field of knowledge in the subjects; rules for maintaining documentation on academic work; pedagogy, physiology, psychology; vocational training methodology; modern forms and methods of teaching and educating students; fundamentals of economics, labor law; rules and norms of labor protection, safety measures, and fire protection.

The deadline for submitting the documents for the competition is until May 31, 2020.
Documents are accepted at the following address:
010000 Nur-Sultan, 8, Korgalzhyn highway
Department of Strategic Planning and Human Resource Management (Room 609).
E-mails: zh_shartenova@kazguu.kz, b_nurlan@kazguu.kz
Web-site www. kazguu.kz

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