Kazakh and Russian
Languages courses

For everyone who wants to
improve their level in 6 months

Professional language training by high lyqua lifi edinstructors from KAZGUU enables anyone to improve Kazakh or Russian language proficiency in 6 months.


Kazakh/Russian language courses for everyone who wants to improve their level from Beginner to Advanced

Special 6-month courses for foreign citizens with visa support. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the course.

The course programme is aimed at studying grammar and vocabulary as well as developing reading, writing and speaking skills.

Kazakh language courses for civil servants and others to prepare for KAZTEST (5 levels). You have the opportunity to complete one level in either 3 months or 3 weeks.

The course focuses on the development of skills and knowledge of the everyday Kazakh language, which includes A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 levels and the latest methods applied by highly qualified specialists.

Our instructors

Dauletbayeva Altynzer Duysenovna

A graduate of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Aydos Myrzabek

A graduate of Leicester University

Gulzat Alimbayeva

A graduate of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University

Stage 1

You have found us, so you have a strong desire to improve the Kazakh language. We need you, and you need us. Do you get lost in communication with bank employees or experience problems with communication in the Service Center? Maybe you just want to be able to express yourself freely and clearly? Once we determine your ultimate goal, we can develop an individual plan to accommodate your needs.

Stage 2

The plan is ready. We have agreed on a module of topics that we will work on thoroughly and step by step. Each module includes several sections: speaking, writing, reading, listening. In addition, you will learn grammar rules and vocabulary.

Stage 3

We will create a small list of words on the topic,practise them with an instructor, and work with a partner. Then comes a more interesting part – grammar! It might seem complicated, but don’t worry. “Kelezhatyrmyn”- is it “walking” or “lying”? If I walk, how do I lie? You might have such questions in your head, and our task is to explain all these nuances as clearly as possible.

Stage 4

If you have reached this stage, then we are happy for you. Not everyone can persist so far in their learning. Look back and you will understand that now you don’t have any fears: you can speak Kazakh! You are almost an expert! To develop further you need to go to the next stage.

Stage 5

By the way, have you heard about the transition to the Latin alphabet? Do you know what this word is: ‘qayyn’? “Kayyn” (birch)? No, this is “kauyn” (melon). Our instructors arefamiliar with the Latin script and will easily teach you to understand it.

Stage 6

Well, you have made a great progress and now move only forward. Try to translate the gentle Kazakh word ‘Ainalayin!’ No, this is not “spinning” and certainly not “I`m spinning around”. What about the word “base”? Now, sit down, take a breath, relax and try to pronounce “qanagattandyrylmagandyqtarynyzdan”. How do you find it? Should we proceed with our studies?

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