The Library of the University was founded in 1998 and provides informational and bibliographical service for students, researchers and teachers, as well as other categories of readers from the University.
It started to work as a Library of “The State and Law Institute”, with about 20 thousand, the first library collections of KAZGUU University. Library is enriched well with private collections and the gifts of well-known people of national education.

The library maintains business contacts with all the libraries of the city.

Today, the priority areas of the library  work are the following:

  • formation of the fund in accordance with the university specialization and the information needs of readers
  • the use of new forms of information, in addition to traditional.
  • scientific and technical processing of the fund with the Library Automation System “IRBIS”.
  • organization and management of bibliographic apparatus of the Library.
  • complete and efficient bibliographical and informational service of readers according to information requests, the maximum satisfaction of requirements.
  • the quality improve of library services on the basis of technical equipment of the library, the computerization of bibliographic and information processes.
  • The introduction and use of new information technologies, electronic resources, remote databases in on-line regime.
  • informational culture, fostering the skills of books and libraries use.
  • disclosure of Cultural Heritage of the fund: to provide literature in accordance with the information needs of readers.
  • coordination of the library with the chairs, scientific societies, libraries, interaction with other systems and departments, institutions of scientific and technical information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Readers are served in 10 locations: the catalog room, delivery desk, reading room, the scientific literature, foreign literature hall, periodicals, electronic resources room, the room of codification of regulations, library of professor Narikbayev M.S., a fund of rare and valuable books.