GES Language Centre is part of KAZGUU UNIVERSITY JSC. Our main goal is to provide language training with highly qualified teachers. We offer English language courses to all who want to raise their English proficiency level. the following programmes for beginner and intermediate students are available:


General English Course is a step-by-step English language programme, aimed at developing all the key language skills. In only 3 months, students can complete a new level!

Intensive English Course is a perfect solution for those who have limited time. Taking this course will help you reach maximum results in just three weeks.

IELTS Essentials Course
offers elementary level students an opportunity to learn about the format of IELTS and build up the skills necessary to take this international exam.

IELTS Advanced Course was developed for those with a high level of English proficiency, but no knowledge of the IELTS format. This course teaches the students about the strategies of taking the exam and focuses on practical training for each of the four sections of the exam.

Pre-TOEFL Course is the starting stage in preparing for TOEFL. It is aimed at familiarising with the structure, format and the nuances of this international test.

TOEFL Prep Course offers full preparation for the test with comprehensive workout of the skills that are necessary to take TOEFL.

For applicants:

KAZGUU English Placement Test is a requirement for admission to KAZGUU University. The test determines the students’ current level of English and is used to place them into appropriate English language groups. You can take a trial test here.

GES Language Centre offers the services of conducting and preparing for this test

Course Duration Contact hours per week Number of students per group Cost
General English Сourse 3 months (72 hours) 6 hours Not more than 10 50 000 ₸.
Intensive English Сourse 3 weeks (75 hours) 25 hours Not more than 10 50 000 ₸.
KAZGUU English Placement Test 4 hours Not more than 10 / individual 5 000 ₸.

For questions regarding taking and preparing for the KAZGUU English Placement Test, please, contact GES Language Centre:

GES Language Centre Contacts

Rassul Kargashev
GES Language Centre Coordinator
Phone No.: +7 7172 70 30 48
Mobile No.: +7 702 530 71 11
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