Reliable technical equipment and a professional team of experienced security service of KAZGUU provide uninterrupted and secure educational process at the University since its establishment.

In addition, university academic building is equipped with a special input pad, external ramp, vestibule, passenger elevator, ablution facilities, media and telecommunications for the service of students with disabilities, also there is a special parking lot designated with appropriate identification marks for vehicles of such students.

A centralized surveillance system meets the required quality standards (at the University were installed 140 CCTV cameras), equipped with fire and burglar alarms.

Representatives of the security service, a total of 30 employees work in shifts around the clock on all positions. Posts are equipped with bandwidths turnstiles located at the entrances and exits of educational building, dormitories, at points of entry/exit of the parking lots.

In addition, the Security Service is responsible for ensuring public order during the educational process and cultural events organized by the University.

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