TOLES – Test of Legal English SkillsThe test was created to determine language skills in the field of law and is recognized by leading international companies

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KAZGUU is recognized by GLOBAL LEGAL ENGLISH as the only TOLES accredited registration and examination centrein Central Asia.

Your path to success with TOLES

Recognized in 78 countries by such firms and institutions as The Law Society of England and Wales, Baker and McKenzie, Sony Ericsson, European Court of Justice and others

Unlimited certificate validity period

The TOLES exam takes place at KAZGUU, the development and provision of the materials is carried out by GLOBAL LEGAL ENGLISH (UK).

The assignment of the certificate level is carried out by GLOBAL LEGAL ENGLISH (UK)

Competitiveness in the labor market.

You receive accurate assessment of the legal and linguistic competence of a lawyer.

TOLES levels


The exam is the recommended starting point in teaching Legal English to International Law and Jurisprudence students. For more experienced lawyers, the exam is an additional opportunity to develop professional Legal English as well as general English skills.


The exam is aimed at developing language skills and knowledge of practical legal terminology acquired at the Foundation level. TOLES Higher exam develops the ability to work with authentic legal documents while focusing on lexical and grammatical accuracy.


The exam was designed and developed in cooperation with leading commercial law firms and is recognized as the standard of high level of legal English proficiency. TOLES Advanced exam was originally created at the request of the largest commercial law firm in London to assess the legal English proficiency of young professionals.

Week 1-2

You will learn the peculiarities of using terminology in the field of jurisprudence and law, the procedure for filing a claim in civil court. You will also get acquainted with the peculiarities of the use of legal terms in the context of Banking Law.

Week 3-4

You will explore legal terms within the Contract Law, which includes elements of a contract, its parties and sources of law. The course covers Labor Law, its structure, the rights and obligations of the employer and employee.

Week 4-6

You will learn Tort Law in English and study famous cases. Also, you will learn to work with contracts and learn the technical, archaic terms used in contracts.

Week 7-8

Within the framework of Business Law, you will learn about specifics of doing business in English Law. Corporate law examines the management system of companies, studies professional terminology.

Week 9-10

The interpretation of contracts includes the terminology of the main provisions of the contract. Also, you will learn to conduct business correspondence and apply the acquired skills in practice when completing tasks based on real cases.

Taking the TOLES exam

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to take the international TOLES exam, which is the world leader in testing knowledge of legal English. The TOLES certificate has no expiry date.

Our Instructors

Rakisheva Aray Shansharovna

Master of Law, M.Narikbayev KAZGUU University

Kachan Oxana Leonidovna

Master of Arts, American University in Girne Master of Law, M.Narikbayev KAZGUU University

Cost of one course(72 academic hours, 3 months, 2-3 timesa week for 2 academic hours)

For KAZGUU students

36,000 KZT per month


From 90,000 KZT up to 270,000 KZT

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