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Do you have health insurance that will be valid for your stay in Kazakhstan?
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We strongly advise you to purchase health insurance through your university or a tourist agency.

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Evaluate your current knowledge of Russian by providing thorough and complete answers to the following questions. When answering these questions, describe your knowledge of Russian, depending on which program you are applying for. The information that you provide is very important to us and it will be used for program planning. Your answers to these questions do not guarantee or determine your placement in a specific level. The actual placement into courses will be done when you arrive to Astana on the basis of entrance proficiency testing.

1. Are you a complete beginner in Russian? (If you answer “yes” you do not need to answer any more questions in this section. If you answer “no” then you must provide answers to other questions)
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2. Have you had any formal instruction in Russian (at high school or university level)?. If yes, proceed to question
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If no, describe where and how you learned Russian, i.e. through conversations with Russian-speaking friends, an online course, a tutor, self-study, etc.

3. How many semesters (or quarters) have you studied Russian at a university level?

4. List all the Russian courses that you have taken (e.g. Russian 101…), including summer intensive programs (if applicable):

5. Have you studied Russian abroad? If yes, how long (a semester, a year...)? Name the program that you participated in and the city/country where you lived:

6. Please, rate your level of Russian (the level where A0 – the lowest level, C2- the highest level):
 A0 A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

Required documents

You must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the arrival date.

Foreign citizens must obtain a visa allowing them to stay in Kazakhstan for 2 months. Consultation on obtaining a visa is carried out by M.S. Narikbaev KAZGUU University, who sends invitations to the participants of the Summer School.

Where did you hear about the KAZGUU university Russian-Kazakh summer school?

Why did you decide to learn Russian language?

Thank you for your time!