HR Department

The Mission of the HR Department:

We ensure the success of KAZGUU with the help of people.

Our vision:

HR Department is recognized as a strategic partner and a valuable management link that inspires people to realize their potential, talents, and creativity, connecting the interests of the University and staff to achieve the best results.

Our goal:

Developing and strengthening the competitive advantages of KAZGUU through the introduction of personnel management technologies that are relevant to the strategy and corporate culture of the University.

Our values:

We take care of our staff.

We respect ourselves, our employees, and our students.

We maintain a relationship of trust and partnership.

We value professionalism, efficiency, and performance.

We create opportunities and conditions for developing the potential and talents of our employees.

We are open, accessible, and flexible.

We adhere to the principles of equality, fairness, and integrity.



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