A significant part of the President’s Address will require legislative drafting – I.Rogov

Igor Rogov, Deputy Executive Director of the Elbasy – Kazakhstan’s First President’s Foundation, talked about this in his speech at the meeting with the faculty and leadership of KAZGUU University.

“A significant part of the provisions formulated in the Address, will require legislative drafting. The current reality is that purely political slogans do not work until they are translated into legal norms. Thus, the digitalisation of the economy, technology transfer, and the improvement of the state systems require, first of all, legislative work”, says Igor Rogov.

In turn, T. Narikbaev, Rector of KAZGUU University, expressed confidence that the education system will become the central link in the new model of economic growth, as the seventh priority stated in the Address: “Human capital as the basis of modernisation. A new quality of education”.

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