Project Jean Monnet: «Privacy Protection: the European Union Perspective»

Project goal Within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, the Jean Monnet Project operates, which was named after one of the founding fathers of the European Union, Jean Monnet. The aim of the Jean Monnet pro-ject is to improve the professional level and quality of teaching in higher education institutions, to facilitate the research of young scientists (PhD doctors who have received an academic degree in European law), to dissemina-te knowledge in the field of European integration. Support for the project is provided in the form of grant fun-ding.
The application procedure for participation in the competition can be found on the website of the Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual Media and Culture (EACEA).
Project Description
The main goal of the project “Privacy Protection: the European Union Perspective ” is the dissemination and promotion of the values of the European Union in the field of personal data protection and the right to privacy. The course program was developed taking into account the digitalization of all spheres of society, the constant development of technical means, the active development of mass surveillance programs, the presence of constant cyber threats and the interception of personal data. This course is intended for students of the 3rd year (number-40 hours in the academic year).
The training program is aimed at developing the skills of legal analysis and discussion of alternative options for regulating the issue under study. The course also includes the study of the history of the development of relevant rights, the definition of European experience in the development of standards for the protection of privacy and personal data, the study of the principles of human rights protection in the online environment, the consideration of Kazakhstan’s experience in the protection of personal data and privacy, and the determination of prospects for the development of Kazakhstan’s legislation in accordance with international standards.
One of the priority areas of the Jean Monnet Modules project is effective interaction with practitioners and ex-perts, law enforcement agencies, and the non-governmental sector in order to disseminate European experience in the field of personal data and privacy protection.

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