KAZGUU University’s Department for international cooperation is happy to inform that, as part of internationalization efforts, our university is participating in three Erasmus + projects.

Increasing internationalisation of research through creating a system of quality assurance of level 3 in accordance with the European agenda.

Partners of this project are France, Ukraine, Armenia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan.  The main coordinator is the “French University in Armenia” foundation.

The wider aim of the project is to contribute to creating a knowledge-based society in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Mongolia through launching an operationalization of a large system of quality assurance for the 3rd-level internationalisation programmes.

The duration of the project is 36 months.

The objectives of the project are:

  • develop / update the national policy framework for level 3 in accordance with the European integration agenda;
  • build capacity for the effective operationalisation of the internal and external quality assurance systems for the programmes of the 3rd level;
  • establish external and internal quality assurance systems to promote 3rd-level programmes;
  • promote 3rd-level internationalisation programmes with key stakeholders and interregional cooperation.

The principal results are:

  • national policy frameworks for the European integration agenda programmes of level 3 used in the partner countries;
  • external and internal quality assurance systems for the programmes of level 3, implemented in accordance with the European integration agenda;
  • level 3 programmes accredited by the relevant structures of the European system of quality assurance (EQA);
  • level 3 programmes, contributing to the development of a knowledge-based society;
  • results of the 3rd-level programmes are consistent with the international best practices and contribute to the internationalisation of research;
  • interregional cooperation leads to convergence in accordance with the European development agenda.

The interregional nature of the project guarantees learning from the best practices, exchange of successful experiences, long-term cooperation between the four partner countries and the EU-partners. The main objective is to promote the voluntary merger in the direction of European development.

Project website: http://c3-qa.com/


KAZGUU representatives study international experience

The International office is proud to announce that on 3 February 2017 KAZGUU University took part in the first meeting of all the partners of the Erasmus+ project

An Erasmus + project seminar held at KAZGUU