Жизнь иностранных студентов: Польша

Мы продолжаем рубрику «Жизнь иностранных студентов», которая специально подготовлена  Отделом международного сотрудничества Университета КАЗГЮУ. На этот раз нашей гостьей является студентка магистратуры УниверситетаКАЗГЮУ Magdalena Anna Kaźmierczak.
Представляем вам интересное интервью с иностранной студенткой из Польши:

  1. Where are you from (country, town)?

I am from Poland where I have lived in many places but my favorite one is Wroclaw.

  1. When did you first come to KAZGUU and submit your application?

I applied to KAZGUU in August 2016

  1. What is your major and year of study?

I am a first-year master’s degree student in International Law

  1. How did you learn about KAZGUU?

It was not difficult to hear about KAZGUU.  This university is one of the best in Kazakhstan so people talk about it and recommend it to friends.

  1. How do you spend your leisure time?

I spend my free time doing many different things. I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading about travelling and mountains, and planning new trips.

  1. What are your favorite books and films?

It is difficult to name just one favorite film or book. I have many favorite books from childhood that I like to come back to, such as Harry Potter.  As for films, I enjoy those with Meryl Streep. I admire her because not only is she a great actor, but she can also use the fact that she is famous to change the world for the better. Her statements about women’s position in the world encourage real strength and spread beautiful ideas.

  1. What are you planning to do after graduating?

After graduation I would like to find a job in politics or diplomacy.

  1. What was your first impression about KAZGUU?

I was really impressed when I first arrived in Astana and I saw this building. It was so huge and monumental, I thought it may be a residence of someone very important because it looks very nice.

  1. Could you please describe 3 main differences or similarities between Kazakhstan and your country?

Three differences can be found quite easily because we have totally different climate. I am freezing during the winter here! Another thing that I cannot get used to is that it is difficult for a vegetarian to live in Kazakhstan. Everyone eats meat here! A couple of times, I even thought about a tasty shashlyk chicken, but I didn’t break! . The third difference is the people. I love the variety and I enjoy the fact that in Kazakhstan there is mix of cultures, races and languages and there are no conflicts between people!

Three similarities: 1) In both Poland and Kazakhstan there are beautiful mountains where I enjoy hiking!  2) People in both countries are spreading positive energy and are very kind. 3) Both Kazakhstani and Polish people love winter sports. Your Universiade was a great example. I truly congratulate you, it was a great event!

  1. Was it hard for you to integrate into the Kazakhstani society? Were you shocked by anything?

It was hard in the beginning.  As I have already said, I am a vegetarian and it was quite difficult to start living in a country of meat lovers.  Nevertheless, people were very helpful and I felt support all the time even though I didn’t speak Russian then.

  1. Do you have any favorite places in Astana? List three places.

I do have a few favorite places in Astana. I do enjoy going to the opera. I think it is a unique place and a very beautiful building. The next place I like is the Central park.  In winter, I go cross-country skiing there and I like to walk in summer. And the last but not least is the library at KAZGUU. It is such a peaceful place! I enjoy studying there and I recommend it to everyone  .

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