Students on mobility programs in the Partner Universities


The number of students who have studied abroad within the academic mobility program


Procedures for incoming foreign students:

    Foreign students apply through international office of their home institution no later than 1 August (for Fall) and 1 December (for Spring) each year. The student should meet the following criteria:

  • GPA (around 3);
  • English language knowledge – В1-В2level, or Russian language knowledge – В1-В2 level, or Kazakh language knowledge – В1-В2 level.

List of documents: official transcript (scan version and original), IELTS certificate (if applicable) or any other certificate proving language knowledge (it can be an official letter from the Sending institution), Application form for incoming students.

Application procedure: once you have been selected at your home university, you should collect and send us all required documents prior deadline. You can contact coordinator at KAZGUU through coordinator at your home university.

Procedures for outgoing KAZGUU students:

  • Step1: Students submit an Application for for outgoing students to the Director. In this application there should be a signature of the Dean of the School, where the student studies, confirming that the Dean does not object to the participation of a student in a program of academic mobility.
  • Step2: Upon arrival, the student writes a statement to the Dean about the credit transfer and attaches the transcript to it and gives to the Students Service Center. The director shall issue an order on credits transfer and amendments to the transcript and sends it to the Registrar’s office within 10 calendar days. Elective disciplines from the university partner are automatically transferred for KAZGUU elective disciplines in cycles.
  • Step3: After completion of academic mobility program, the student provides the International office with feedback

Academic mobility refers to students and teachers in higher education moving to another institution inside or outside their own country to study or teach for a limited time.

KAZGUU is always open for cooperation with the Kazakhstani HEIs in academic mobility development. There are several steps for implementation of this program.

Procedures for KAZGUU staff:

Step 1: Deputy Dean of the School – informs students about all necessary procedures, coordinates the collection and sending of the documents of the students to the partner HEI.

Step 2: Dean of the School – issues an order on sending of the student (and order on acceptance of the student to KAZGUU respectively, based on which the student gets enrolled in the University, receives the study plan and an access to all facilities)

Step 3: Dean of the School along with the Registrar Office chooses and approves study plan of the student, considering the mastered disciplines in the current semester. Tuition fee is regulated for each student individually.

Step 4: Upon student’s arrival, Deputy Dean of the School transfers credits, preparing a decree on amendments to the transcript and sends it to the Registrar’s office. Elective disciplines from the university partner are automatically transferred for KAZGUU elective disciplines in cycles.

Шаг 5: On the basis of the order of the transfer of credits, earned in the partner institution, the Registrar’s office prepares a request on the adjustment of tuition fee in the academic period.

Procedures for KAZGUU students:

Step 1: Students submit an application to the Dean of the School that the student wishes to participate in academic mobility and study at a certain university.

Step 2: Upon completion of the program the student gives a feedback.

International office:
8 Korgalzhin highway
KAZGUU University, room #213
Phone +7 7172 703 031, ext.1067
Renata Faizova – Director
Askarova Baglan – coordinator