KAZGUU has created an excellent system for preparing specialists

Olzhas Rayev, KAZGUU graduate and a special advisor on investments to the RK Embassy in South Korea, is certain of this claim. In this interview, he shares his opinions on the necessity of legal literacy for the active participants of the country’s social life and the contribution that his Alma Mater’s graduates are making to building Kazakhstan’s legal system.

-Olzhas Kairbekovich, what motivated you to study law?

-This decision was largely influenced by my parents. Since childhood, I have been witness to different discussions and debates in the professional environment about various flaws in the legislation, and legal collisions. At that time, the country was only starting on its way to building a state of law. This inspired me to actively participate in this, which is impossible without a good law education.

-Why did you choose KAZGUU?

-There were two reasons: quality of education, that was clearly seen from the feedback of the first students, from the quality of the facilities, and from the quality of the teaching staff. KAZGUU was the only specialised law university. And the second reason was the location. For me, it was important to study in the capital of my homeland. This choice defined all the major events in my life, such as meeting interesting people, many of whom are still my friends. Astana branch grew together with our capital. Proximity to the central bodies of government made it possible to learn not only from the distinguished theorists of KAZGUU, but also the practicing professionals. The range of knowledge that we received through the curriculum eventually defined our competitiveness and fitness to serve the state or work for the private sector.

-How much of your knowledge of law do you apply in your work today?

-Quite a lot. Sometimes I have to learn about the laws of other countries in order to make the right decision. Without a law degree, it would be very difficult to understand the details of certain laws and regulations. Moreover, it is not only the specialised activities of attracting investment or promoting Kazakhstan’s export on foreign markets that are governed by laws and regulations, but also the lives of all of us as economic and legal subjects, so knowing these the law is important for every citizen.

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