Kazbek Zhirenchin passed away

Kazbek Zhirenchin, 69, DJS, Professor of KAZGUU University, died today, 15 May 2017.

Kazbek Abusagitoich showed an example of how to serve Fatherland and favourite occupation. He has been with KAZGUU since its first days, occupying at different times the positions of Provost of Academic Affairs, Provost of Research, head of the S. Zimanov Academy of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, and Deputy Chairman of KAZGUU’s Board. In his last years, he was the head of the Institute of State and Law.

He stood at the origins of the university, making an enormous contribution to training qualified specialists for the country. He was the author of over 100 research papers and 2 monographs on the history of state and law in Kazakhstan, including the famous “Political development of Kazakhstan in the 19th and early 20th centuries”.

For many years, Kazbek Abusagitovich was the head of the Inter-University Educational and Methodological Section of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan in the field of Law, taking an active part in defining the strategies of Kazakhstan’s law education.

In addition, Kazbek Abusagitovich was the Chairman of Almaty City Election Committee, a member of the RK MJ Inter-Departmental Committee on Laws and Regulations, Chairman of KAZGUU PhD Dissertation Committee, a member of the RK MJ Qualification Board of Judges, and a member of the RK Higher Court Council Qualification Board.

He was awarded the Kurmet order, a jubilee medal “10 years of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, a medal “Ybray Altynsarin”, letters of appreciation from President Nazarbayev.

We extend our deepest condolences to the family and relatives on the untimely and grievous loss. We grieve with you.

Colleagues and friends

The funeral services will be held at KAZGUU University, tomorrow, 16 May, from 8.00 to 10.00.

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