Kerey and Janibek, the historical drama at the KAZGUU University

On the eve of the Day of the First President at the M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University the Center for the History of Kazakhstan and Ruhani Zhangyru of the General Education School together with the “Sóz cara” Club under the guidance of Ms. Gulbarahin R. Kylyshbai, an Honored Art Worker staged “Kerey-Janibek” that is based on the Ramazan Duman drama. Two epochs met in the hall: heroes of the XV century were sitting with serious faces, on the contrary students of the XXI century as an audience. The heroes of the drama were sitting in one half of the hall – on their faces anxiety, despair. They are in their own time, in character. Someone is quietly talking, other people express pain, others discuss plans. Audience, on the contrary, are excited. And here’s the beginning! The 15th century epoch is becoming clearer. The game of students is fascinating, the audience empathizes and invisibly, mentally moving to the part of the hall where the action takes place. It seems that the first part of the hall has expanded imperceptibly, and the audience is gradually drawn into the events of those times. The spoken words seem to unwittingly express feelings of guests, and it feels that they are all together and demanding justice from Khan Abulkhair, and decide to unite. Here are doubts about rightness of a decision, an expression of mistrust, disputes are also going down. But mostly people follow the Kerey and Janibek sultans into the Zheruiyq lands found by Asan Qaigy. Picture of moving from the inhabited places gets inside the blood. Huge white canvas (symbolically the color of the beginning, purity) turned into the tent of the left alone khan, then it turned into a heavy, but native, burden. This personified hope for the future and demonstrated that nomads take with them only the most important, dear to them things. Succession …, connection with the past. The birth of a child in a new place was marked as a good omen – yrym. “Qazaq is your name, Qazaq is your name, Qazaq is your name!” Says Asan Qaigy. Others understand it as “You are free!”. The Council of Elders decides that the Khanate will be called “Kazak handygy”, and people will be called Kazakhs and will be united Kazakh population. Both halves of the hall are also united. Like in the 15th century, but now in the 21st century, everyone is chanting, “Qazaq!” Qаzаq!”.
Applause are heared in the hall! What was it? Love for the Fatherland? Pride in their ancestors, who managed to fulfill their dreams? The desire to be like them? Dreams to contribute to society?

Yes, all these emotions were on the audiences faces. And, most importantly, it was seen the confidence that they can do it and will do it. And all this united collective in the hall was now took over by the guests: Deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Available Tasbulatov,, Lieutenant-General and Mr. Mukhamedzhan Tazabekov an honored art worker. The audience with bated breath listened to the patriotic, ardent words of Mr. Tasbulatov, calling to love and take care of the Fatherland, the foundations of which were laid and defended by our ancestors And the penetrating speech of Mr. Tazabekov, calling for high morality, purity of relationships, spiritual revival. There was no indifferent person, students left the place being either joyful, or thoughtful.

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