Results on English Olympiad for graduate highschool classes in Petropavlovsk city

In January of 2019 the Department of English and the Marketing Department held an Olympiad in Petropavlovsk city for graduate classes wishing to test their level of English proficiency and wishing to enter M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University.

Starting from 2016 for an admission to the M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University applicants must pass an entrance examination in English (KAZGUU English Placement TEST – KEPT) on a fee basis and show a level of knowledge not lower than Pre-Intermediate.

Competitors scored 60 points are free from KEPT and apply for admission without passing it.

The Olympiad included Reading and Writing sections. Congratulations to all winners and we are waiting for you all in the walls of our beloved University!

Results of olymiad

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