The legal clinic of M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University helps those who are in need of legal services

The legal clinic of KAZGUU University is a structural unit of KAZGUU Law School at M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University to provide legal assistance and enhance the legal literacy of the population.
The Legal Clinic’s objectives are as follows: providing free legal assistance to the population, increasing the level of legal literacy of the population, providing the access to justice in Kazakhstan with an emphasis on the disadvantaged population, ensuring the educational process aimed at acquiring the practical aspects by students majoring in Law.
The Work of the Legal Clinic.
The consultations in the Legal Clinic are provided by senior students majoring in “Jurisprudence”, “Law Enforcement”, “International Law” under the supervision of the adviser (teacher).
From Monday till Friday (10:00-18:00) – the break is from 13:00 till 15:00
Our address: the city of Nur-Sultan, 8 Korgalzhyn highway, M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University, Room 213a
Tel.: + 7 7172 70 30 32 email:
Reference: The Legal Clinic brings together 70 students of KAZGUU Law School (the 2nd-4th year of study).
Over the last 3 years, the students have given the consultations for several hundreds of people both within the framework of individual meetings in the office of KAZGUU Legal Clinic and on the basis of the Saryarka district court of the city of Nur-Sultan, as well as within the framework of such campaigns as “The First Legal Aid”, “The Day of Free Legal Advice” and “The People’s Lawyer” at the venues of the Congress-Hall and SEC “Khan Shatyr”.
Apart from consultations, the students also provide the legal assistance – these are more than 20 successful representations, both at the pre-trial and judicial stages (with the participation of the Head of the Clinic) in various categories of cases, including:
-restructuring of a dollar mortgage loan;
-reinstatement of employment;
– recovery of wages;
-alimony recovery;
-preventing illegal demolition of a residential house;
– protection of shareholders’ interests;
– assistance in aid of execution, etc.
We are receiving positive feedback from people who have received advice and legal assistance from us.
The legal claims and other statements of case prepared by students are accepted irrevocably, and draft contracts on which real estate acts as an object are registered without any remarks.
KAZGUU Legal Clinic also provides legal support to start-ups of young entrepreneurs in the framework of cooperation with the Innovation cluster of Nazarbayev University, and also advises the “Adal Niyet“ Social Center.

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