Specially Named Halls

Currently, there are 11 registered auditoriums in KAZGUU. The first auditoriums were opened in March 2016, during the official presentation of the Corporate Fund “Endowment KAZGUU”, which was attended by prominent public figures of Kazakhstan.

Sponsors have the opportunity to hold various events in their new premises – workshops, meetings, trainings and round tables. In addition, the opening of own audiences in the walls of the country’s leading profiled university contributes to the promotion of the image of activity of the Partners of the Fund, who provide support for talented students of the University.

In a solemn ceremony the official partners of the Fund in the face of two major financial institutions of the country – JSC Bank KassaNova and JSC Tengri Bank obtained their own rooms in KAZGUU.

In the framework of celebration of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in KAZGUU University was opened another nominal audience – First graduates of the DBA program of KAZGUU Business School. The implementation of a social project for the DBA audience opening was made possible thanks to the leadership of the Business School in conjunction with the efforts of the Corporate Fund “Endowment KAZGUU”. The official presentation was attended by an audience, students and alumni of the Business School, among them – Timur Toktabayev – Vice Minister for Investments and Development of Kazakhstan, heads, faculty and university students. In their speeches at the opening ceremony the Director of the Business School Jamal Ayapova and the Vice Minister Timur Toktabayev noted the role of KAZGUU in educating a whole galaxy of successful and talented graduates who have made a significant contribution to the prosperity and development of the country for 25 years of independence.

Classes of postgraduates and students of the Business School are also held in the auditorium of MBA of the Business School.

The opening of the 6th in a row nominal audience of ATF Bank in October of this year marked a new stage of cooperation between the two partners. Pursuing the development of partnerships, KAZGUU continues the mission to provide quality and affordable education in Kazakhstan.

As part of the Kazakhstan’s Independence anniversary celebration, KAZGUU University hosted an official presentation of the Republican Notary Chamber Lecture Hall. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Ms. Assel Zhanabilova, the chairman of the Republican Notary Chamber; Mr. Sergey Pen, the Director of KAZGUU Higher School of Law; representatives of several government bodies; and the university’s students and teachers.


In the near future, the University plans to open two new registered audiences – of company CCC «Consolidated Contractors Company» and JSC Kazkommertsbank.

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