M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University Health and Safety Policy

M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University Health and Safety Policy (hereinafter – the Policy) ensures health and safety of students, employees and visitors of the M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University (hereinafter – KAZGUU). Policy defines the procedure of organizing medical services for students, employees and visitors of KAZGUU, including foreigners and persons without citizenship, and is also aimed to protect health and ensure their rights to medical care in the Republic of Kazakhstan during their training, work and stay in the KAZGUU.

KAZGUU Medical Center, a division within the Department of Student Affairs. According to memorandum of agreement between KAZGUU and medical center «MEDIKER» (one of the lead-ing private medical centers in the Nur-Sultan city, hereinafter – «MEDIKER»), «MEDIKER» su-pervise and assure KAZGUU Medical Center.

Medical Center provide outpatient medical care for KAZGUU students, staff and visitors. The Medical Center is located inside the campus building on the 1st floor, office number 136.
Health care service on campus, including physicians, nurse, injections and first aid are always free.

Students, staff and visitors may visit the Medical Center as often as they like.

In case of an emergency or life-threatening situation, please visit the Medical Center for medical assistance (when you are on campus), or dial 103.

Paramedic – Saliya Kikimova +7 777 796 4184, s_kikimova@kazguu.kz
Nurse – Urzada Duisenbay +7 747 918 8809, u_duisenbay@kazguu.kz
For diagnosis you need to visit your family physician
Students and staff registered to «MEDIKER» should visit «MEDIKER» physician, Korgalzhyn ave. 4, +7 707 978 9923

1.1. Confidentiality
Information gained due to Medical Center visits are always confidential and regulated by affiliated documents.

1.2 Your Rights and Responsibilities
As a patient at the Medical Center, your rights include:
– humane care
– accurate information
– participation in decisions regarding your health care and treatment

Your responsibilities include:
– providing honest and direct information relating to your symptoms and health needs
– following the treatment plan established with your physician
– asking questions if you’re not sure you understand what medical center staff mean
– showing courtesy and respect to health personnel and other patients

Who Goes to MC?
Every student, staff member or visitor can visit Medical Center or call 103 in case of getting ill or injury. The Medical Center staff includes one paramedic and one nurse. Treatment of minor prob-lems can be done here, as well as injections and blood pressure check.

Medical Center Work Hours

Days Monday – Friday Saturday
Working hours of the Medical Center 08:30-20:30 09:00- 13:00
Paramedic 11:00-20:30 09:00-13:00
Nurse 08:30-17:00 09:00-13:00

Emergency Care
Medical Center does not provide intensive care. For treatment, you must contact the clinic in Nur Sultan.

After Hours Care
A student, staff member or visitor can reach paramedic or nurse till 20:30 at the Medical Center (Saturday until 13:00).
For medical care on evenings and weekends please contact to your insurance company or family physician for advice and appointment.

Required documents for newly admitted students
Applicants shall provide the following documents upon admission documents to the Admissions office (this is to avoid problems with course registration):
– Medical health certificate (form # 086/y)
– Examination and a medical conclusion
– Copy of form # 063/y (copies of undertaken vaccinations records from the vaccination card)
– Results of chest x-ray (original with description, with name of a doctor and personal stamp).
– X-ray (results of students from other regions (including Astana) must be certified in Almaty health care institutes).

International students should also submit the documents to the medical center, however, keep in mind that medical documents issued in your country may not be valid in Nur-Sultan, so we recom-mend you to have a copy of the vaccination card with you, and you can receive certificate for form-086/у and pass X-ray examination in Nur-Sultan.
All international and regional students are advised to purchase a voluntary medical insurance poli-cy, functioning in Nur-Sultan. It is important for international students to know that a medical poli-cy from your country is unlikely to cover treatment and hospitalization. Moreover, even if the company agrees that you have an insurance event, you will have to pay on your own; you can receive a refund later, upon your return to your country.

In the case foreign student or employee have to visit medical institution, it is imperative to notify medical center staff.

Annual x-ray results
Prevention and treatment of tuberculosis is one of country’s priorities and is supported by legisla-tion acts of the state and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Annual preventive x-ray examination is compulsory for all citizens of Kazakhstan. Avoidance of such leads to admin-istrative reprimand.
Early stage of tuberculosis is smoothly treated. Take good care of your health- make sure to do regular chest X-ray examinations.
According to the state requirements, all KAZGUU students must annually pass chest X-ray and submit records to the Medical Center. «Platonus» portal may be automatically blocked for those who didn’t submit x-ray in time.

Sick leave policy
1. Medical staff of the Medical Center cannot issue sick leave to students. Such documents can be provided only by family physician you registered to.
2. Medical staff of the Medical Center do not have the right to release a student from exams or pro-jects. Final decision is made by student’s professor or school committee.
3. Family physicians in Nur-Sultan do not issue sick leaves retroactively, (i.e. when a student did not attend classes due to an illness but did not seek medical assistance and health problem was not confirmed).
4. Faculty sick leaves are submitted to the HR department only.