Meeting with Mr. Imants Bergs, a representative of the Turiba University

On 22 August there was a meeting with Mr. Imants Bergs, the vice-rector for education development and international relations of the Turiba University at the N. Narikbayev KAZGUU University.
Turiba University is one if the leading universities in Latvia, it has established traditions and clear view of the best European higher education. The University has perfect reputation in Science and Production. Turiba University also one of the leading higher institutions in the North Europe region offer’s education in Economy and Business.
Cooperation Agreement between Turiba and KAZGUU has been signed on January 17 2017 and academic mobility within this Agreement has been implemented successfully. The Academic mobility showed opportunity for exchange of teachig staff and students as well, and every semester 2-3 students of KAZGUU are sent to Turiba for studies.
In October 2016 there was a bilateral meeting of KAZGUU University and Ms. Anita Vahere-Abrazune, a representative of the Ministry of education and science of Latvia. During this meeting Me. Vahere-Abrazune have had initiated signing the Agreement and start mutual cooperation. On this basis the Government of Latvia also ready to give scholarships to our students which would cover some parts of their studies under the short and long-term programs.

In 2018 our cooperation was moved towards the progress and two parties have signed the Agreement of Double diploma program in MS in Economics and Business. This progran allows MS program students obtain doibke degree and receive State diploma as well as a foreign one.
This double diploma program is focused on formation of an international view to the field of economy and business and its successful development on Kazakhstan labor market.
Also, during the meeting KAZGUU representatives and Mr.Iman Bergs discussed success and new prospectives of our bilateral relations and future cooperation

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