Foreign professors started summer schools in Astana city

Students from Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Kyrgyzstan, Poland and Kazakhstan already have started their 19-days Summer School inthe field of Constitutional right within the Narikbayev KAZGUU University, Kazinform agency correspondent reports.
The World becomes globalised and we are not living in just one country within one nation, we live in a global World, we meet challenges, issues and tasks, and I believe that a dialogue and common action are needed to solve all arising issues, Mr. Miras Daulenov, vice-rector for Academic work shared.
Foreign professors started Summer School in Astana city and according to Mr. Sergey Pen, Director of the Higher School of Law, 20 foreign and 12 domestic students plan to become it’s students. During a week an audience will participate in Master classes and lectures given by one of the best professors from Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Hungary. After this week participants will be divided into working groups and given a constitutional model as a tasks and based on the best European practice they have been given, trainees should develop their own models, define branches of a Government and strike a balance between then. In other words tranes should synthesize the best experience and present it, Mr. Pen shared.
Foreign professors started Summer School in Astana city. The Summer School will be conducted in a format of lectures on the World History and the History of Constitutional right’s development of countries participated. This format could give better understanding of a different historical events and traditions influenced to the existing society, organizers said.
On August 30 for the Constitution Day participants will visit the Constitutional Council and Parliament, also they will travel to Borovoe and Korgalzhyn Reserve.

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