Memorandum of cooperation has been signed

On May 21, 2020, a Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed between M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University and the Administration of the Constitutional Council.
The Memorandum aims to develop cooperation in the field of training highly qualified legal personnel, creating an employee pool, sharing experience, including through organizing guest lectures, workshops, training, and other forms of interaction.
Besides, it is planned to implement programs to increase the level of legal culture of citizens and implement constitutional values.
While commending the value of the upcoming cooperation, Pen S.G., Provost of M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University, expressed his confidence that joint efforts will contribute to a high-quality level of professional training of KAZGUU students’ practical skills: ‘KAZGUU University and the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan closely cooperate. We have common legal traditions, our faculty includes many members of the Constitutional Council. We very often respond to requests to provide expert opinion and our lawyers’ points of view for constitutional procedures. Moreover, the Constitutional Council is very actively involved in legal education, conducts and initiates contests to promote knowledge of constitutional values and other legislative provisions of our country.’
B. Nurmukhanov, Head of the Administration of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, said: ‘This Memorandum will bring our cooperation to a whole new level. This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The memorandum involves the deepening of our cooperation in training legal personnel, in the field of propaganda of constitutional values, increasing the level of legal culture of the younger generation and citizens. I think specific projects will be developed within the framework of the Memorandum. I think that in the future students of KAZGUU University may count on employment in the Constitutional Council. In addition, we will attract them to participate in constitutional procedures, in meetings of the Constitutional Council to reinforce their theoretical knowledge in practice. The Constitution is the principal law of the state. The duty of everyone is to know and respect it.’

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